The Truth

from by Cory Woodward

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It was an early morning and I was living in New Westminster at the time. I was strumming chords and the opening melody line was running around in my head, it came so naturally, I was singing BA BA BA’s imagining guitar, synth, piano, glockenspiel, everything including the kitchen sink to make it as big a possible. I had just gotten off tour and had been listening to a lot of Springsteen on the road, which is interesting because my first record had a bunch of reviews liking me to Springsteen and I had truly never listened to his stuff until I went on tour. I bought his greatest hits and Magic album, also the van I traveled in had Satellite radio and on it was E Street Radio, playing concerts, recorded material and interviews all day and night. I gotta say it was the best company I could have had traveling for thousands of miles alone and now I am a huge fan of Springsteen. Not just for his songs, for his his entire career personally and professionally. He’s created some beautiful art with a family of brothers whom he has spent most of his career with, epic sized rock anthems and lyrically brilliant heartfelt words that are very relatable and honest. He was such a powerful influence form me, so much so when Matthew and I approached recording ‘The Truth’ the album we said the sky was the limit. I wanted to make huge stadium style rock songs and pour my heart into them. I believe we accomplished that! What I also love about Springsteen is that he didn't pigeonhole himself to a sound, he doesn’t produced records with making hits in mind, he is more interested in creating record with a theme, a message; a piece of art, a representation of himself and others.

With that in mind The Truth the song is my Born To Run, a pulsing beat undeniably inviting you to move, it’s about love and getting away from the insanity of urban life. I didn’t write this about anyone in particular, truthfully I said to my ex that I wrote it about her, I did in part but more so it was a song for me and describing my longing to escape the life I was creating on a daily basis. I haven’t always made positive choices in my life and lying to loved ones because I felt responsible for their well being is one of them. The line “In my eyes you will find the truth, that you are more than you think you’re worth...” communicates that, although I do feel honestly we all tend to think we are not as beautiful as we truly are and the line is an invitation for everyone to believe it, the other truth behind the line is that I chose to make it my responsibility to help everyone be happy by not burdening them with my troubles or sadness, especially in the relationships I had up to that point. The point at which this song came about in my life was just after I had finished touring and had arrived back home fresh from a vacation in Tofino. Touring and vacation had given me a taste of independence. Something I hadn’t experienced for over nine years at that point. I had always been in relationships and I guess having room to breath, to see me myself away from all the dysfunction of the relationship I was in, it planted a seed that wouldn’t bloom until a year later. While in Tofino, I experienced quiet, no busy streets or tasks to do, beautiful nature and I just sat and enjoyed being with my family. Hence the line “Baby let’s run, lets just disappear from all this noise...”. The noise was so much more than the city, it was the constant chatter in my head, the terrible sadness I always focused on, I was so constantly lost in negative tape loops of thought; hide your demons, pay bills, find work, don’t show yourself to anyone or they will see the ugliness of who you are...I could go on. Exhausting so terribly exhausting it was to exist. The truth of The Truth is its about running away from me.

I have never truly written a love song until recently with the wonderful partner I have now, and I had never experienced love in the divine and vulnerable sense, it’s not always wonderful, challenges are a plenty, I just find it so much more fulfilling now to sit with my fears, communicate honestly, not disconnect and act out in addiction because I’m too scared to face myself. It’s hard work and I am by no means perfect at it nor do I think I will be and that’s wonderful because I will always have room to grow until the day I die. I’m turning around 30 + years of living in dysfunction and like an oil tanker turning around in the ocean it’s gonna time, patience and compassion!



Baby let’s run
Let’s just disappear
From all this noise
We’ll go and find somewhere
To be alone
No one will interfere
When the world turns dark you must
Hold on to me, hold on to

In my eyes
You will find the truth
That you are
More than you think you’re worth
So hold my hand
We’ll escape this place
When the world turns dark you must
Hold on to me, hold on to our love

Don’t be afraid don’t run from me
We’ve got each other it’s all we need
To face this world
Bodies will die and souls grow old
I’ve loved you forever beyond this mold
I will never break your heart

He we are
Walking hand in hand
To the sea
Lovers in the sand
I fall apart
The tears I bleed
Are for you and me because
Love is special, you are special to me


from The Truth, released August 7, 2012


all rights reserved



Cory Woodward Vancouver, British Columbia

Just for a moment, Let yourself be here. Let yourself STOP becoming more, better, or different. You are not a walking mistake. You are not a problem to be solved.

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