All I Ever Do

from by Cory Woodward

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I wrote this song during a trip to Prague. I had trouble adjusting to the time change when we first arrived, so I found myself wide awake at 5 am in the basement of the hotel I was staying. There was a marble staircase I was sitting at the bottom of, the remarkable acoustics of that stairwell had a whisper travel on for an eternity.

I sat there quietly singing and penning out this tune, my only audience was the cleaning lady mopping the floors, she smiled and kept on working. I'd like to think our language barrier ceased for that moment and she understood the words I was putting to ink, that I would eventually send out into the world, pleading to everyone to pause and love each other a little bit more.

The song is about the uselessness of war, every time I hear about a death as a result of war or violence, my heart grows heavy with sadness. To think your 22 years into this life, your just getting ready to start your adult life and its gone in a second, not for some accidental reason, mistake or sickness. Purposely your life is taken from your mortal casing from another person who is just like you biologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; they have different viewpoints and experiences, but still we are all the same. All of this done for someone else's grudge or more often than not it's usually about money, this other curious creation made by humankind that doesn't seem to exist except for numbers on a sheet of paper or a computer screen.

All those years of childhood forgotten, the years of parents tending to and caring for their children on both sides gone, all the laughter, tears, the possibilities of wild dancing, spiritual awe, being so full of divine love that you are ready to explode with uncontrollable happiness and joy....gone; gone as quickly as the seconds pass in a day. When we are born we are a clean slate only looking for the unconditional and constant love from our mothers and as life goes on the innocence we started with slowly gets torn away from each of us as we are filled with the dysfunction of the world. Here in North America it feels we are distracted and addicted to materialism & gain. We are desensitized to violence and the news of what is really going on in the rest of the world gets watered down and spoon fed to us without any real connection to the humanity that is being lost, or they become movies and video games only adding to the fiction in our minds that is a reality for others.

There is currently not enough love in this world, we live in our heads filling it up with the bullshit of what needs to be done, obsessing about others, pointing our fingers outward, blaming the world for our suffering because we are too scared to look inward, myself included. I have noticed this about myself and it's the first step to changing it, it's hard work and worth every moment of crumbling and triumph.

I will boldly say WAR IS USELESS, there is no gain from it, only suffering, heartache and pain. PATRIOTISM IS SENSELESS, we've drawn imaginary lines on a map but we are every bit like the countless species of animals and living organisms on this planet of ours, except we have thumbs and communicate on a different level, we are getting better with it and I also believe we have a lot more growth to be done with it. Lastly, WE DON'T OWN SHIT except for what comes out of our asses and even that is returned to the earth.

I understand it is hard not to succumb to the hardships, the temptations, the escapist mentality of life. I also know that I have felt love, I have felt never-ending joy in moments, I have cried witnessing the sheer brilliance of life and existence. I think it is foolish to believe you can achieve never ending happiness and I wouldn't want it, I want the full and complete human experience and I want the same for everybody on this tiny little speck we call earth.

What I am saying with this song is pause, comprehend the insanity of WAR & VIOLENCE and from there begin to radiate love onto everyone you know or meet and then spread that onto the entire globe. One man/woman can change the world and it starts within ourselves, by loving your self, realizing the beauty and power that you possess, by doing that it will be noticed by others and spread on to them. Nothing will happen over night and you will experience resistance; when that happens pretend you're a gardener planting seeds, they will grow in some capacity over time.



All I Ever Do

Have you ever
Ever held a gun
That couldn’t kill no one
No all of them guns kill
Have you ever
Had to pray and hope
That your brother would come home
Not in a body bag, not in a body bag, not in his body

Have you ever
Witnessed hell on earth
Pools of blood in dirt
Have you ever felt such hurt
Have you ever
Had to kill a man
With your two peaceful hands
Hands that love your wife, hands that love your child, hands
that can build hope

All I ever do
Is hold my breath till I’m blue
I’m praying for a change
When love is all we need to heal us all

Have you ever
Had to fight a war
Not know what you’re fighting for
Have you laid your life on the line?
Have you ever
Cried when you watch the news
If it’s not happening to you
Do you even feel it at all, do you even feel it at all
Do we even feel anything anymore when we hear the words of
Men and women who are dying every day
In a foreign land, in an oil man’s war
Are we safe and warm in the Great White North we’re not
Do you need to see their blood, do you need to taste their blood
The blood of both sides for this to be real

All I ever do
Is hold my breath till I’m blue
Just praying for a change
When love is all we need to heal us
All I ever do
Is hold my breath till I’m blue
I’m praying for a change
When love is all we need to heal us all
Love will heal us all; love will heal us all,
Love will heal us, love will heal us


from The Truth, track released May 18, 1979
Featuring: Nat Jay


all rights reserved



Cory Woodward Vancouver, British Columbia

Just for a moment, Let yourself be here. Let yourself STOP becoming more, better, or different. You are not a walking mistake. You are not a problem to be solved.

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